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Treat vitiligo successfully

Why Xemodan is our number 1


We have been treating and healing people with Vitiligo for over 20 years.

We have seen hundreds of different medicines, creams and other preparations come and go. But no remedy has convinced us as much as Xemodan.

We have already helped over 24,000 people with Xemodan and the number is growing every day.

We are particularly proud that more and more people are finding us because of good experiences and recommendations from friends, partners and family members.

After all, one only recommends something to one's own relatives and confidants that one is convinced of.

Vitiligo healing starts here

Natural cosmetics against Vitiligo

Why Xemodan in Vitiligo?

Numerous dermatologists now also recommend Xemodan.


A big thank you also to everyone who creates and publishes a before/after video and thus documents and proves the effect of Xemodan.


Some of them are uploaded to Youtube. Among others from Natali:



Vitiligo, Xemodan, Stiftung Warentest and the search for the test winner

We have recently written to the "Stiftung Warentest" and asked that they test Xemodan and all other remedies against vitiligo that are available on the market. This would save many sufferers the purchase of ineffective preparations. And the effectiveness of Xemodan would become known even more clearly to the outside world.


The response from "Stiftung Warentest" gives reason to hope:


"We have taken note of your letter as a test and topic suggestion and forwarded it to our test planning committee, which registers our readers' research requests."


We stay tuned.


Warm greetings,


Your Xemodan team

Experiences with Xemodan


“Hello dear Xemodan team,

I have been using the Xemodan cream and the liquid version for three months now. The spots on my face are 90% gone. I'll send you before/after pictures. You are welcome to publish them together with my e-mail address.


"I wanted to say thank you dear Elena for the cream....and I wish you and your team continued success....I recommend you to are the best for me....Thank you again for everything...


"Dear Xemodan Team,

came to your site by accident and used Xemodan. I'm really excited about the effect and have documented the whole process in pictures. I present the whole thing on my Instagram account (natali_rukavina, approx. 2000 followers) and on my YouTube channel (Natali Rukavina).

Developed 11 herbal medicines for vitiligo.

In 21 years we have been able to help over 24,000 people against Vitiligo.

We are constantly evolving and concentrating on the essentials.

We look forward to being able to help you too.


Contact us

Here you can contact us

Thanks very much! We will reply as soon as possible.

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