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Fragen über Vitiligo und die beste Therapie

Frequently asked questions about Xemodan:

Why do you offer Xemodan?

I have vitiligo myself and if you are affected, you become an expert yourself.

My medical studies and the contacts I made as a result helped me to solve the problem. I tried everything before against my white spot disease. There is hardly a remedy that I have not tried. Absolutely nothing had helped.

Xemodan was developed 15 years ago and I could hardly believe it when I noticed new pigmentation in me. For me, the new pigments started after just a few days. But I know it's different for everyone. Since I know the level of suffering first-hand, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to help other affected people with Xemodan.

I knew and know too well that there are 99.7% ineffective remedies available on the market. I don't think that's okay.


Is it true that Xemodan was tested by "Stiftung Warentest"?

We asked the "Stiftung Warentest" to test Xemodan and all other remedies that are offered against Vitiligo. In this way, many more people could be convinced of Xemodan. And ineffective means would automatically be bought less. Nothing would bring me more joy. The "Stiftung Warentest" has forwarded our request to the specialist department and we hope that something will come of it. See also the statement by "Stiftung Warentest" on our first page.

But we're sticking to it and will continue to communicate it here.

The more people write to the foundation, the more likely it is that the tests will be taken.

You are welcome to ask Stiftung Warentest to test Vitiligo remedies for their effectiveness. Go to their homepage:

Or write them a friendly e-mail to:

Is there evidence that Xemodan works?

There are now numerous customers and dermatologists who confirm and recommend the good effects of Xemodan. Many of you write us your experiences, send us before and after pictures or publish corresponding videos.

A customer sent us a certificate from his dermatologist confirming the improvements made by Xemodan. The customer initially only used a UVB device. But it didn't work, so he ordered Xemodan and it took effect. Mind you, Xemodan also works without radiation. Download the dermatologist's certificate here:

Attestation: Xemodan works.

How can I order Xemodan?

Simply go to our online shop .


Are there alternative methods?

There are some alternatives, for example to travel to the dead sea.

However, such therapies are quite expensive and unfortunately rarely help.

You can also get radiation. But you have to be careful with radiation because it is sometimes unhealthy. Here, too, the success rate is rather low.

Also, please be careful what you buy. Unfortunately, 99.7% of the other things are useless. Which also makes life difficult for us because many then believe that nothing would help. Xemodan is now relatively well known and we are proud of the fact that satisfied customers tell their friends and relatives about Xemodan, who then also find their way to us.


How can I pay?

All of our payments are processed via PayPal . With this payment system you can pay with credit cards, debit cards or existing accounts.

You can also simply pay with an Amazon voucher code.

Simply buy an Amazon voucher card for the total amount (available in almost every shop).


Amazon vouchers are also available directly online via Amazon:

Then email the voucher code to us.

As a third option, you can pay us with Bitcoin. If you have any questions then write to us:



The cream works wonderfully for me and I am amazed that it is not better known?!

We are happy about each of the numerous mails from customers who are simply happy that the cream actually helps. Xemodan is becoming better known and more popular. I would be happy if you told others about Xemodan, so that even more people would find out about it. Unfortunately, most still hear from their dermatologists that there is nothing against Vitiligo.


Are there before/after pictures?

We have some before and after pictures from customers and are happy to post them. Courtesy of customers. In my opinion, pictures are not as conclusive as videos. I find videos much more persuasive. Some of our customers upload their videos to Youtube. We will link some of them here on our site.

We reward before/after videos with a 200 euro voucher. Write to us for this.

Have heard from many that Xemodan Pur works best. Where can I find the product?

All Xemodan products are good. Xemodan Pur is actually the strongest. You can order it here:

Order Xemodan pure.

You can find the further development of Xemodan Pur here: Xemodan Innovation

What does Xemodan do to the skin?

It naturally activates and influences the autoimmune process in such a way that it can do its job to produce pigmentation again.


Unfortunately, the cream works slowly for me. What can I do?

Patience and calm are important components here. These often make the difference between the joy of new pigmentation and the thought "I knew it, nothing helps...".


When do new pigmentations appear for the first time?

In some, the first pigmentations appear after a few days. For others it can take months. Especially under the influence of the sun I hear about improved results. I myself had the same experiences. If nothing happens after 3-6 months of regular use at the latest, then I would think about stopping. Canceling before that is a missed opportunity. Since I believe Xemodan is the best against Vitiligo and I am convinced of it, I encourage every user to leave their honest review.


Does the Xemodan cream only work in connection with the sun?

The cream also works without exposure to the sun.

How long does the cream or oil last and isn't that a bit too expensive?

The funds are applied wafer-thin and last for a long time.

That depends on how many affected areas you have.

And when it comes to the price, you have to honestly ask yourself: what do you prefer, a kilo of a cheap but ineffective remedy or an expensive 50 gram cream that really helps?


Do you deliver to all countries?

Yes, we deliver worldwide.


From what age does the cream work?

The cream helps best in people over the age of 20. It is not recommended below that. After years of development, we have now also developed a cream for younger people: Xemodan Kids .


Who is Xemodan not useful for?

Xemodan is basically suitable for everyone. But who we would actually advise against is pregnant women.

No significant improvements can be achieved in pregnant women.

We recommend Xemodan Kids to people under the age of 20.



How is Xemodan used?


Xemodan classic

Please apply once a day to the affected areas (important: only very thinly).  

Avoid eye area.

After two weeks, only apply twice a week instead of once a day.

Xemodan plus Melagenina Advance

Apply a very thin layer to the affected areas once a day and massage in gently with your finger.

Avoid eye contact.

After two weeks only twice a week.

Before use, shake the bottle for about 10 seconds!

Store cool.

Xemodan Sun

Please apply once a day to the affected areas (important: apply thinly, well and evenly to the affected areas).

Avoid eye area.

Since Xemodan Sun has an additional tanning effect, you can also use the cream less frequently, depending on your skin type.

eg 2 times a week.

Should I expose myself to the sun during the application period?

In general, I learn from users that Xemodan is more effective in warmer times.

However, exposure to the sun is not recommended for people with vitiligo.



But my dermatologist says there is nothing against vitiligo... and he should know...!

Unfortunately, a white coat does not protect against ignorance. Many doctors are not up to date. By the way, I used to think "a doctor should know..."

More and more dermatologists are now recommending us and confirming the effect of Xemodan.

A customer sent us a certificate from his dermatologist confirming the improvements made by Xemodan. The customer initially only used a UVB device. But it didn't work, so he ordered Xemodan and it took effect. Mind you, Xemodan also works without radiation. Download the dermatologist's certificate here:

Attestation: Xemodan works.


What are the differences between Xemodan, Xemodan Sun and Xtreem Liquid and Xemodan PLUS Melagenina Advance?

Xemodan is the classic and very proven.

Xemodan Sun has the same active ingredient plus additional self-tanning components.

Unique in the world and ideal for the warm season when the spots become more visible.

Xemodan Liquid also has the proven Xemodan active ingredient. However, this is delivered as a liquid (liquid) version and in 100 ml bottles.

Xemodan PLUS Melagenina Advance is a combination of the two best solutions against Vitiligo. Xemodan plus Melagenina.


What are the ingredients of Xemodan?

The purely vegan and natural ingredients are: Racemosana, Xanthan Gum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf JuiceCurcuma, Lanolin, Retinyl, Citric Acid, Azadirachta Indica, Croton, Aqua, Caprylyl, Rubiana, Milking Fat.


How do you ship?

How long does the shipping time take and are there any customs fees?

We ship direct. Usually on the same day of the order. Will be sent by regular mail. It is sent in normal neutral packaging, so that you cannot see what is inside from the outside.

Shipping time for Germany 3-5 days. There are no customs fees within the EU!

Shipping time for Switzerland and Austria 3-7 days. In some cases it can take about 2 weeks.


Somehow your website looks amateurish and not very good. Doesn't make a good impression.

In fact, we invest a lot of energy and time in bringing out the best for our customers and constantly improving the quality of our products.

The homepage sometimes falls by the wayside. But thanks for the hint.


Is it cheaper?

Yes, you can get many things cheaper from other providers. But I think 1 euro is too expensive for something that doesn't work. But if it helps, 100 euros or more are inexpensive. As the name suggests, it is then worth its price.

However, we do have offers from time to time. Just save our page and check back often.


Unemployed people, students, the disabled or Harz4 recipients get a 10% discount from us. Just send us an email. We don't ask for any special evidence.


I don't believe in miracle cures and I have doubts!

I would never speak of a magic bullet with Xemodan. It is rather the case that it helps a lot of people and, after sometimes years of searching, they are looking for something that has an effect. Some people are so amazed that they then talk about Xemodan as a miracle cure.

I don't believe in miracles myself. However, I do believe in the good effects of Xemodan and more and more users are doing the same.

I am thrilled and would like to publish my before and after video, how can I do that?

With pleasure! We reward before/after videos with a 200 euro voucher.

Just send us an email .

Does the health insurance company pay the costs for my treatment with Xemodan?

You are welcome to try that. Some health insurance companies cover the costs.

The best thing is that you let your dermatologist certify the therapeutic effectiveness of Xemodan for you. You submit the certificate to the health insurance company and apply for the assumption of the costs. If you send us your certificate and we are allowed to publish it (without your data if you wish), you will receive a voucher for 200 euros from us. Just send us an email .

How can I get a free 200 euro voucher?

Make a before / after video where you can clearly see the effect of Xemodan and report about it. The video should be 3-10 minutes long. It doesn't have to be perfect, the main thing is to be honest.

Or: You go to your dermatologist and have the positive effect of Xemodan certified. To do this, you visit him before and after using Xemodan.

If you do both (video & certificate) you will receive a 400 Euro voucher.

If you have any questions, just send us an email .


I have more questions, how can I contact you?

Just send us an email using our contact form .


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