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Xemodan Pur is our latest development.

It is 5 times stronger than Xemodan Classic and 3 times stronger than Xemodan Royal.


Question: Should I start straight away with Xemodan Pur?

Answer: First you should start with Xemodan Klassik or Xemodan Royal.

They are cheaper and also very effective. There are some places where the Vitiligo improves only very slowly. In these cases we recommend Xemodan Pur.


Question: Should I have radiation while using Xemodan?

Answer: Some can be irradiated with UVB 311 at the same time.

But that is not necessary. Xemodan works without radiation.


50ml - €199.90

100 ml - 299.90 € (You save 200 €) !
200 ml - 499.90 € (You save 300 €) !!



Xemodan Pure

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